Indiana Uplands Food System

Indiana University’s Sustainable Food Systems Science and Center for Rural Engagement are teaming up to help increase the economic, environmental, and social well-being of the food system in the Indiana Uplands Region.

Regional and local food system development is an emerging strategy for building employment, social capital, and better health in rural places like Southwest Central Indiana. Local and regional food systems continue to evolve and consumer demand for locally grown food is increasingly tied to community resilience, economic development, and the well-being of community members. Communities across Indiana are working to develop intentional plans for change, including: policy, infrastructure, farmer programs, public health programs, and creative distribution solutions to connect more eaters with food grown from Indiana farms.


Indiana Uplands Winter Food Conference

Everyone eats – so you are all stakeholders in your local food system.  Is it working for you and others in your community? Are you curious how a more localized food system could help build a more equitable and resilient regional economy?

With an exciting line-up of leaders in food system work from throughout the region presenting and leading workshops, the conference will be an incredible opportunituy to learn, network, and synergize efforts to create a more resilient food system in South Central Indiana. Learn more here!