Food Safety for Food Businesses

As part of the USDA LFPP grant #AM180100XXXXG124, Objective 4, Dr. Betty Feng and Han Chen from Purdue University produced multiple outputs for food safety for produce growers, small food businesses and food processors. Below are the details of this body of work.

Published four peer-reviewed journal articles on grower food safety education.

  • Chen, H., Kinchla, A. J., Richard, N., Shaw, A., & Feng, Y. (2021). Produce Growers' On-Farm Food Safety Education: A Review. Journal of Food Protection, 84(4), 704-716.

A literature review was conducted. Forty-three published articles were reviewed to assess the food safety knowledge and attitudes of produce growers and evaluate the effectiveness of previously developed food safety educational programs for growers.

  • Chen, H., Ellett, J. K., Phillips, R., & Feng, Y. (2021). Small-Scale Produce Growers’ Barriers and Motivators to Value-Added Business: Food Safety and Beyond. Food Control, 108192.

In this manuscript, the barriers and motivators for small-scale produce growers to establish a value-added business that were identified via focus groups and surveys were reported. 

  • Chen, H., Benjamin, T., Guan, W., Feng, Y. (2021). A Food Safety Education Needs Assessment for Small-Scale Produce Growers Interested in Value-Added Food Production. Journal of Food Protection. Submitted for publication. 

In this manuscript, growers’ attitudes and knowledge of value-added business were evaluated. Recommendations for future food safety education for growers interested in value-added food production were reported, including preferred topics of educational materials, preferred information delivery formats, and trusted information sources. 

  • Chen, H., Feng, Y., Gibson, K. 2021. Identify Food Safety Education Needs for Military Veteran Farmers. Food Protection Trends. Accepted for publication. 

In this manuscript, the food safety attitudes, knowledge, and practices of military veteran farmers were assessed. Their unique food safety education needs were identified. 

Try out this food safety game module to learn more about the four steps for cleaning and sanitization for food processors.

Small Farm Education Field Day and Webinar Series

Dr. Feng’s team delivered food safety educational materials during two webinars for small farmers, including:
Food Safety Overviews and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures
  • Background information related to the public health concern
  • Cause of foodborne illnesses
  • Food that has been associated with foodborne outbreaks
  • Generalities of Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs)
  • The steps to write and implement an SSOPs.
Value-adding Business Food Safety and Cottage Food Law
  • Concept of value-added product
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic factors of food
  • Overview of the Cottage Food Law
  • Overview of food labeling

Sustain and Thrive in the COVID-19 Pandemic Webinar series for Small Food Processors

This three-day series of webinars delivered technical assistance information to small food processors during the COVID-19 Pandemic. See slides and recordings.

  • Webinar 1: 1) GMP programs and COVID-19 risk management; 2) Social media marketing during the COVID-19 Pandemic; 3) Food safety regulations for small food businesses 
  • Webinar 2: 1) Do’s and don’ts of cleaning and sanitation using chemicals; 2) Social distancing and personal protective equipment; 3) FSMA compliance and qualified exemptions 
  • Webinar 3: 1) Business marketing planning; 2) Food safety culture during COVID-19 Pandemic; 3) Food Safety documentation requirements and recommendations
Funder: USDA Local Food Promotion Grant #AM180100XXXXG124Project Team at IU: Jodee Smith (Ellett)Project Team at Purdue University: Drs. Rhonda Phillips and Betty FengExternal Partners: Wallace Center at Winrock International and Family Farmed